Whiteside Bull

Jessie Whiteside... ancient
New Mexico bull!

Mullins Bull

Todd Mullins... 350” symmetrical NM combo hunt bull!

Kennedy Hunting Services

Trophy Bull Elk Hunt

In 2020 all of our rifle hunters harvested good to great bulls! We did have more broken horns than usual but all hunts were fantastic!

Our trophy hunts include private land permit, great meals, warm comfortable lodging and guide service with all guides staying on during the entire hunt. Hunting dates...

Cow Elk Hunts are available November 20 - 22 (2 1/2 day hunts). Great for a beginning hunter or just an action packed weekend getaway. Call and inquire for availability. Hunt includes guides, meals and lodging.

Combination Deer/Elk Hunt

These hunts are definitely the most bang for your buck. These hunts will be basically Mule Deer hunts with a kill fee for Elk. Although weather is a factor on these hunts, the opportunity for quality animals of both species is great.

In 2020 we took 6 combination hunters. Three shot both deer and elk, 2 shot deer only, and 1 just shot at both deer and elk on several occasions. Hunt includes guides, meals and lodging.

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Slagle Bull

Tim Slagle with a beautiful New Mexico trophy bull.

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Ashley Ankele... monster
7x9 394” CO Bull.

Ankele Bull

Jacob Ankele... huge fronted
6x7 CO Bull.

2021 Archery Elk Hunt ( Prices Subject to Change.)
New Mexico Sept. 8 - 12 (5 days) $9,500.00 1x1
2021 Rifle Elk Hunt ( Prices Subject to Change.)
Colorado Sept. 14 - 18 $12,500.00 1x1
New Mexico Oct. 1 - 5 $9,500.00 1x1
New Mexico Oct. 8 - 12 $8,500.00 2x1
New Mexico Oct. 8 - 12 $9,500.00 1x1
New Mexico Late Hunts
Nov. 14 - 18
$8,500.00 2x1
2021 Cow Elk Hunt ( Prices Subject to Change.)
November 20 - 22 (2 1/2 day)
2021 Combination Deer/Elk Opportunity Hunt ( Prices Subject to Change.)
New Mexico Oct. 30 - Nov. 3
$6,500.00 deer only
$6,500.00 kill fee elk
Kennedy Hunting Services
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