2017-2018 Hunt

Donnie Adams 2020
Muzzleloader Raffle Winner

2017-2018 Hunt

Jeffrey Fouche
Massive 5x5 Colorado buck

Kennedy Hunting Services

Trophy Mule Deer Hunt

Although trophy mule deer are the hardest trophy animal in the country to come by, due to limited hunting pressure on large tracts of private land in New Mexico and Colorado, we’ve been able to harvest our share.

The 2021 season for mule deer was very good. We harvested great bucks on all hunts, including several 180" to 195" bucks. We were able to spot some 200" plus deer, but they played hide better than we played seek. Maybe 2022 will be the year for some of these again.

This is undoubtedly one of the best-valued trophy deer hunts in the world. Almost every year we’ve been able to harvest bucks close to the 200” class or better. All years, bucks taken have averaged over 6 1/2 years in age. This, combined with great genetics, spells BIG BUCKS. Big bucks at the optimum time periods to hunt them.

All hunts are limited trophy hunts and include meals, lodging, and guide service with all guides staying on during the entire hunt. Hunt dates...

Combination Deer/Elk Hunt

These hunts are definitely the most bang for your buck. These hunts will be basically Mule Deer hunts with a kill fee for Elk. Although weather is a factor on these hunts, the opportunity for quality animals of both species is great.

In 2021 six hunters filled all but one tag with great animals taken of both species. Hunt includes lodging, meals and guides.

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2017-2018 Hunt

O’Shay Barner NM Combo Hunt Deep Forked Mule Deer

2017-2018 Hunt

2017-2018 Hunt

2022 Colorado License#1376 - Ranching for Wildlife ( Prices Subject to Change.)
  TBA $8,500.00 1x1
2022 New Mexico ( Prices Subject to Change.)
  Oct. 22 - 26 $7,000.00 2x1
  Oct. 22 - 26 $8,000.00 1x1
2022 Combination Deer/Elk Opportunity Hunt ( Prices Subject to Change.)
New Mexico Oct. 29 - Nov. 2
$6,500.00 deer only
$6,500.00 kill fee elk
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